‘Pipe Dreams’: How TransCanada’s Keystone XL oil pipeline endangers America

4 Dec


from the article on the documentary film ‘Pipedreams’
“Hannah pointed out that the Ogallala Aquifer is a non-replenishing source that needs to be protected “with every fiber of our being. We can live without oil because there are other ways of making energy. We have the means and we can do it, we just need to set our minds to it. The commitment to this Keystone pipeline will shackle us to a future of fossil fuel dependence and it will only provide maybe 5,000 temporary jobs in construction.”
Additionally, she noted, the Alberta tar sands “is widely considered to be the most destructive environmental disaster on the planet. It’s filled with cadmium, lead, arsenic, all these contaminants, and the amount of natural gas needed to produce the oil could power 35 percent of Alberta just from the energy they use on a daily basis. Scientists say that if we allow this pipeline to go through, the carbon emissions would be so exorbitant it would be game over for the climate.”

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